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Puvoir Is A Skincare Brand Focusing On Results; Powered By Passion; Ignited By Technology.

Puvoir Was Founded By Tonnie Thompson, A Licensed Paramedical Esthetician Who Started Out Her Professional Career In Computer Networking.

Though she loves the technology industry, she has always had a passion for skincare and after 20 years in the tech world she took the leap of pursuing her passion. While helping clients to achieve their desired skin as an Esthetician, she wanted to make an impact beyond the esthetician’s bed. She believes that the best results are achieved by a strong collaboration with a Professional Skincare Specialist consisting of an effective at home regimen. She holds true that Skincare products alone are not enough to achieve serious and longterm results; and that Skincare technology tools are imperative in provoking and maintaining changes on a cellular level. Working in unison to achieve extraordinary results.

And so with this, our foundation stands that tools, technology, and results will remain the force of Puvoir.

A Skincare Brand Exactly Like Nothing Else

Skincare takes dedication, a consistent at home regime with effective tools and products paired with a collaborative relationship with a Skincare Specialist. At Puvoir we believe that skincare products and skincare tech should be used in concert, that results take time, patience, and dedication to your personal skincare goals. We believe that no matter what your goals are, be it reducing pores, ridding your skin of blackheads, reducing acne or slowing down the aging clock, the right products, tools, and dedication will beget your desired results.

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